Drone Aerial
Photography & Videography

Take your listing to new heights with a bird's eye view of the property and surrounding areas.  Perfect for homes with acreage, waterfront or golf course lots. Licensed drone pilots under FAA Part 107.


Please note: Many parts of our area are in restricted airspace due to proximity to airports and military bases and require FAA authorization. We take these restrictions very seriously and will inform you if the property is in one of these zones.  We may be restricted to a lower elevation or not granted permission at all.

NOTE: When booking just aerials (no interiors package) click to go to the a la carte menu after creating your project

Aerial Photography Packages


Aerial Photos - Starting at $150

Includes 5-10 Aerial Photos


Aerial Photos & Video Footage - Starting at $200

Includes 10-15 Aerial Photos and 1-3 Raw Video Clips (unedited)


Aerial Photos & Video - Starting at $325

Includes 10-15 Aerial Photos and Fully Edited Video.  Branded and Unbranded Versions included.
Video length will vary based on the size of the property


​Large Acreage Photos or Video -  Starting at $250 Photos /$550 Photos & Video

For large tracks of land.  Pricing will vary, please contact us for more information.

*Travel fees apply to areas outside Southside Hampton Roads and the Peninsula

Pole Elevated Photos


Just need a little elevation or the home is in a "no-fly" zone?  We offer pole-aerial photography at an affordable price.  Elevated photos are taken from approximately 15-20 feet in the air.  Just a little bit of elevation can make a big difference!   These photos are ideally suited for homes that feature waterfront in close proximity to the house; elevated views of a pool area; or a house that is located up on a hill that requires a higher perspective.


Pole-elevated photography is also a more affordable alternative to drone-aerial photography.  

Pole Elevated Photography


Elevated Photos - $25 1 side, $40 front & back

Trip fee applies if not shot at the same time as an interiors appointment 

*Travel fees apply to areas outside Southside Hampton Roads and the Peninsula

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