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Residential Real Estate Photography

At Virtual Tidewater, we truly believe that “in real estate, a picture is worth thousands of dollars”. Photos are a central part of most marketing plans, from the MLS listing, to print media, to online marketing. Bright, crisp, and clean photographs can make the difference between a quick sale and a price reduction.  


Professional photography should not be limited to only high-end properties. We have a package for every type of home, whether it's a luxury property, new construction, or a small home or condo. 

All Photo Packages Include

Friendly & Experienced Photographer


Delivery Next Business Day

Blue-Sky Guarantee*

Single Property Website

Marketing Center

* Blue-Sky Guarantee - We are able to swap out the sky for the exterior photos in editing.  If you have a "Room with a View" it is best to reschedule on rainy days.

Twilight/Sunset Photography

We offer two types of twilight sessions - Single Image Light Painting & Long Exposure Sunset Photos


Single image light painting involves taking several exposures over the entire sunset time-frame and strategically adding pops of light to highlight the home's features. The camera does not move during this entire process, which produces one breath-taking image that will capture even the most discriminating buyer's attention. See it in action! Check out this behind the scenes video on how this works.

Long Exposure Sunset Photos are ideally suited for homes where the view is more important than the home. We use long exposures to capture the beautiful color of the sky and the surrounding areas. This technique allows us to move the camera during the photo session (unlike the single image technique). A typical sunset session will produce 1-5 twilight images.

Twilight Photography


Virtual Tidewater offers exceptional, unmatched twilight and sunset photography. These low-light, high impact photos will help your listing stand out even more. Twilight photos are ideal for showing off luxury homes and waterfront properties.

Aerial Photography