According to the NAR 2018 Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers.  Floor plans were 3rd "most useful" website feature behind photos and detailed property information. 3D Tours bring floor plans and photography together in to an immersive and interactive marketing tool like no other! 


3D Tours by iGuide

Immersive interactive floor plan and 3D tour.  We are Hampton Roads first & only provider of iGuide Technology! Printable floor plan included. Viewable on computer and mobile devices.


3D Tours

Powered by Matterport

Experience the next generation of virtual tours with a 3D walk-thru the home.  Viewers get a real feel for what it is like to walk thru the home.  Matterport shows you the "Dollhouse" view of the home. Viewable on computers and mobile devices.

iGuide vs Matterport

iGuide vs Matterport.  Which is best for me?

We offer 2 different types of 3D virtual tours.  They have many similarities, but they do have a few differences. Both are great tours, it is personal preference on which you like better.


Fully Interactive - User can click to move throughout the home


Highlight Reel

Embedded in Single Property Website

Branded and Unbranded 

On screen measuring tool - allows viewer to measure walls, etc

iGuide Only

Printable floor plan included - Choose between standard floor plan and premium.  Premium includes appliances and bath fixtures.

Music plays during highlight reel

Photo Gallery Integration

STATS!  Weekly report of views, where the views are coming from, as well as the average duration of each visitor.

Matterport Only

"Dollhouse" View

More immersive - More scan points allowing the viewer to the the room from more angles

Ability to add "Hot Spots" - Links to more information

Printable floor plan with Matterport at an additional charge

3D Tour Pricing

Standard iGuide Tour or Matterport

0 - 2000 SF - $125

2001 - 3000 SF - $160

3001 - 4000 SF - $195

4001 - 5000 SF - $230

5001 - 6000 SF - $265

6001 - 7000 SF - $300

7001 - 8000 SF - $335


Upgrade iGuide standard floor plan to Premium for $50 or order a floor plan from your Matterport Tour for $35.


**Standard iGuide floor plan does not include fixtures or appliances in the drawing**

Call for quote for properties over 8000 SF

***Price for all 3D tours includes hosting for 1 year.  After 1 year, the model can be renewed for a $20 annual hosting fee***