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Covid-19 Policy

COVID-19 is disrupting operations in many industries and real estate is no exception. We are monitoring the situation daily,  but currently we are booking appointments until state or federal restrictions prevent us from working. However, it’s not business as usual. To safeguard our clients, homeowners, and our photographers, we’ve made some changes to our policies.


    1. While our regular policy states our photographers are not responsible for staging or removing items, in practicality, they will often (with permission) move things like soap dispensers, Kleenex boxes, or trash cans. Anything that the agent or the homeowner do not want visible in images should be removed prior to our arrival.  Any items left out may end up being visible in the photos. 

    2. Please put kitchen soap dispensers in the sink – they won’t be visible in the photos, and our photographers will be able to wash their hands, if necessary.

    3. All blinds/curtains should be left open, lights should be left on, toilet seat lids should be left down, and doors to rooms that will be photographed should be left open.   This will ensure that our photographers won’t have a need to touch anything inside the home.

  2. In an effort to follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing, we kindly ask that homeowners & agents not be present during the photography appointment.  As a reminder, we do have REIN lockbox access  (CBS code is required, even if it is turned off for agent use).  It is recommended the agent comes prior to the appointment to pre-stage the home the way they would like to photos to look.  

  3. Virtual Tidewater will not be dispatching photographers to homes where occupants have been self-quarantining due to COVID-19 exposure (or possible exposure) due to recent travel (domestic or international).  Photographers reserve the right to cancel shoots on site if ANYONE present is exhibiting cold or flu-like symptoms when they arrive.

  4. Our photographers will be thoroughly sanitizing their hands and equipment between photo shoots. 

  5. In addition to these new policies, we have also decided to temporarily waive fees for coronavirus-related same-day cancellations. However, we do always appreciate having as much notice as possible prior to any cancellations.

We are offering discounts on some of our walk-thru video and 3D services to help agents have the tools they need to market the home virtually. We hope these discounts will help assist with social distancing to keep sellers & agents safe, while still having the ability market the property.  We will continue these discounts for the duration of the "State of Emergency" due to Covid-19.

  1. Our photography & floorplan package (Middle package in the client center) will receive a free “Interactive Floor Plan” which will allow buyers click on the floor plan and view the angle that the photo was taken from.  This is a new product we have developed to assist during this time.

  2. All Basic Walk-thru videos (i.e. Zillow videos) will be discounted by 20%

  3. Matterport & iGuide 3D Virtual Tours will be discounted 20%

These discounts have already programmed in the Client Center, so they will be automatic.
No discount codes needed.  

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